- The Baghagavad Gita

devata Yoga

In Sanskrit Devata means Goddess and Yoga means union or connection...

"True yoga is not about the shape of your body, but the shape of your life.  Yoga is not to be performed; yoga is to be lived.  Yoga doesn't care what you have been; yoga cares about the person you are becoming.  Yoga is designed for a vast and profound purpose, and for it to be truly called yoga, it's essence must be embodied." 

- Aadil Palkhivala

"Strive constantly to serve the welfare of the world; by devotion to selfless work one attains the supreme goal of life.  do your work with the welfare of others always in mind."

Join us in a judgement free traditional Hatha yoga practice, where the pose is catered to your body.  This practice is not about what asana(pose) you can get into, we leave ego completely out of our daily practice here and focus on our body and mind's wonderful capability to heal itself through moving and breathing.